Make a few bitcoins with these sites


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I earn a lot just from these 3 sites alone. You can try them too:  – No registration. Put your address, enter the captcha then wait 5 minutes. You will visit visit a few websites and for each website you get between  1 and 10 uBTC. After you reach 100uBTC, you’ll receive the coins in your wallet. – Registration optional. Earn 0.00001 BTC every hour or just keep refreshing the page and you might get a better prize. You can also win vouchers for peerbet (gambling site). – Registration required. Watch ads for a few seconds and earn BTC. You can make about 0.00028BTC daily.


Getting started – Bitcoin Earning


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So you got your wallet. Now it’s time to make some bitcoins. Well, not really ‘bitcoins’ but ‘bitcoin cents’, because a bitcoin is worth aprox. 100$!

There are a few ways to get bitcoins in your wallet. One method is to ‘mine’ bitcoins by running a special application on you computer. Unfortunately, mining BTC today isn’t for everybody. More on that later.

Another method, recommended for beginners, is to visits websites that give you bitcoins for free (called faucets) or websites that give you bitcoins for perfoming different tasks like viewing an ad, visiting a website, watching a video and so on.

You can also buy bitcoins. But unless you know how to turn those bitcoins into even more bitcoins, I don’t recommend buying them for now.

So if you want some bitcoins in your wallet, check this post for a few websites that’ll give you bitcoins for free.

Getting started – Obtain a wallet


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To start earning bitcoins you will first need a wallet. You can find a list of wallets here .  Choose any wallet you want. It is recommeneded to avoid web wallets because there is a risk that you will lose your coins.

What I use and recommend is MultiBit because it’s fast and has lots of features. Once you have a wallet, create an address. You can use that address to receive coins from different websites.